First Time Owning A Dog? 3 Ways To Keep Them Healthy During The Winter Time

If you just recently got your first dog, here are three things that you need to know in order to keep your dog healthy and happy during the winter time.

#1 Fight Back Against Dry Skin

During the winter, your dog's skin can get dried out by the low humidity levels inside of your home, just like your skin can. Dry skin can be really irritating for your dog. You may notice your dog rubbing up against things more as they combat their dry and itchy skin.

You can help your dog fight back against dry skin by increasing the humidity levels inside of your house. Run a humidifier in your home to keep the humidity levels high enough so that both your skin and your dog's skin don't get dried out.

You can also fight back against dry skin by washing your dog less frequently during the winter months. Every time you wash your dog, you are stripping away natural oils that help keep your dog's skin from becoming flaky in the winter.

#2 Provide Your Dog With A Warm Bed

Your dog is affected by the temperature outside and by drafts that come in near your windows and doors. Don't place your dog's bed somewhere where they are going to be chilly, such as near a door or under a window. Place your dog's bed somewhere where they will be able to stay warm, such as near the center of a room or near an interior wall. Make sure that your dog's bed itself is warm, such as a nice, thick, pillow bed.

#3 Take Good Care Of Your Dog's Coat

Pay extra attention to your dog's coat during the winter time. You are going to want to dry your dog off when they come inside. When you dry your dog off, pay special attention to your dog's underbelly, where ice and dirt can stick to your dog's coat.

Take some time each day to brush out your dog's coat. This will help prevent your dog's coat, which should be longer during the winter time to keep them warm, from becoming matted and tangled. Frequently brushing your dog's coat will also help your dog produce the natural oils that it needs to keep their skin and coat from getting dried out.

If you put a sweater on your dog, you should always give them a quick brushing over once you take it off, as wearing a sweater can cause your dog's hair to easily get tangled up.

Follow the tips above, as well as any advice from your vet, to keep your dog health and happy this winter. Contact a vet at an animal hospital like Animal House Veterinary Hospital for more advice.

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