What To Do If Your Cat Is Having Behavioral Issues

If your cat is normally calm and affectionate but is now lashing out at your or other cats, your cat is having behavioral problems. There are many potential causes for behavioral issues, so it's important to try and figure out what's going on with your cat. This guide will detail how you should react if your cat lashes out, as well as some ideas on how to soothe them.

Be Gentle

One of the biggest mistakes cat parents make is to react badly when their cat does something wrong. Hitting or yelling at your cat will not get the message across that your cat has behaved badly, and may cause your cat to lash out even more, out of fear. In addition, you should never, ever hit your cat, as you could cause bodily harm.

Instead, if your cat is being hostile, try to be gentle with them. Give your cat some space if they're hostile towards you, and speak to them in a calm, soothing voice. Don't try to reach out and pet your cat if they've already clawed at you. If they've attacked another cat, remove the attacked cat from the area so both kitties can relax.


Sometimes cats will lash out and act violently simply because they're bored. In the wild, cats have very active, physically challenging lives, and the indoor life doesn't mimic it very well. If a cat can't get any physical activity, they may lash out purely because they're frustrated.

Playing regularly with your cat will help to prevent this. Choose a toy that they're excited by and play with them until they're too tired to continue. This will give your cat some excitement and happiness, and will also help to tire them out so they're less likely to get into territorial fights.


Another option is to use a pheromone diffuser or collar to help soothe your cat. These products emit a synthetic version of the pheromone that nursing mother cats release while feeding their babies. It helps kittens to remain calm and soothed, and it can work on adult cats the same way. These products can help to soothe your cat if there's something in the environment that's riling them up.

Vet Check

Finally, make sure to visit a veterinarian. While not every cat behavioral problem is linked to a health disorder, some can cause problems. Getting your cat spayed or neutered is something you should definitely discuss with your vet if you haven't had it performed already. In addition, if your cat is experiencing a problem that's causing them internal pain, like bladder stones, they may lash out as a result. Fixing the health problem can reverse your kitty's behavior back to the way it once was.

If your cat is lashing out, chances are there's a good reason for it. Work with a Veterinarian like Apple Valley Animal Hospital to determine the cause and to make your cat's life more comfortable and suitable for their needs.

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