3 Reasons To Get A Rescue Dog

When it comes to cars, there can be a multitude of reasons to shoot for purchasing a new car over a used one. But when it comes to dogs, adopting a rescue instead of getting a newborn puppy comes with several benefits that you might not have realized before. Here are three great reasons (for you and for the dog) to adopt a rescue instead of buying new.

Shots Come Standard

When you adopt a dog, they will likely already have all or most of the shots that they need to protect them against problems like rabies, canine hepatitis, bordetella bronchiiseptica, heartworm, or canine parvovirus. These shots can cost a few hundred dollars if you have to pay for them out of pocket. In this way, adopting a rescue is easy on your wallet. 

No Baggage in the Trunk: Spayed and Neutered

One of the first things vets consider when examining a rescue is whether or not it has been spayed or neutered. Taking away a dog's ability to reproduce offers multiple benefits in itself. First, it decreases marking habits (i.e. peeing on furniture, lamp posts, people, etc.) which saves you embarrassment with guests and time spent laundering household items. Secondly, it helps keep the dog population down in general so that, over time, there will be fewer and fewer dogs that need to be rescued from abusive homes or the prospect of living on the street. A third major benefit is that the spaying and neutering process can actually decrease a dog's chances of certain types of cancer, which means you get to hold on to your furry friend for a little while longer. 

Automatic Heart-Warming

Rescuing a dog really means just that: saving their lives. While there are still no-kill shelters in existence, the dogs who are taken to these havens just got lucky. Between dogs who are aggressively physically abused, neglected by their owners, or slated to spend the last 7 to 30 days of their lives in a cage before they're killed, many dogs have experienced rough times even if they've only been alive for a year or two. Rescuing a dog is something to feel good about and be proud of. So, in addition to getting a ball of fuzz with four legs to call your own, you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you did your part to make that dog's world a better place. 

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